My name is, in fact, Kassidy. I am 23 years old, the wife of an incredible man named Blake, and the mother of two lively toddlers named Ezra (3) and Titus (1.5).14494815_10211241215691926_6504725058521555095_n

I was born in Southern California but grew up in Pagosa Springs, Colorado with my big family. My childhood was filled with mountain climbing, soccer, snow, siblings, cousin camps, and Jesus Christ. I married the love of my life when I was 18 years old, had my first son at 20 and my second at 21. I started college as a student midwife in the fall of 2016 and was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor that winter.13119048_10209871467049066_185383428027253591_n

I am at a strange new chapter in my life that no one ever prepared me for. I’m learning who God is wanting me to become through this experience, who He wants me to meet, who I will grow further from, and what will become of this crazy ride he is sending us on.

Recently, God has been asking me (in so many different ways, its almost comical), “How am I supposed to use you if you remain clammed up, keeping all my big plans and powerful works to yourself?” So this blog is dedicated to transparency. My life has taken so many big turns lately into new and unknown territory. If these rambling writings of mine can provide comfort, amusement, inspiration, or companionship to even one other human out there who is living in this same world as me going through their very own trials and tribulations, than this will be more than worth it. Welcome to my story…